General Rules

    1. The campground facilities are for the use of residents and their guests only. YOU ARE responsible for your guest’s compliance with the rules of the campground facilities.
    2. There will be no FOR SALE signs posted anywhere on the property.
    3. Speed limit is 10mph. Watch for children playing at all times.
    4. PARK QUIET hours: 10:00PM-7:00AM
    5. Resident’s pets are welcome, however, no vicious dogs or animals are allowed on the campground facility. (GUESTS are not allowed to bring pets of any kind.) Maximum of two animals per site.
    6. All pets must be on a leash. No animals will be left unattended or running free in and around the campground facilities. The beach area is not place for your animals. Pets are YOUR privilege. Cleaning up after your animal is your OBLIGATION and responsibility.
    7. All campers must turn off the water at their campsites when leaving the campground facility for more than 24 hours. If water is on, management will turn off water for a $50 fee.
    8. No cutting, removal of trees, or vegetation in any form is permitted.
    9. Alcoholic beverages must be in concealed containers when on campground facilities.
    10. No fighting, unruly behavior, loud music, or abusive language will be tolerated.
    12. Parents are responsible for the supervision, behavior, and safety of their children while on the campground premises.
    13. No swimming or playing at the loading boat ramp. All residents and guests swimming near boat docks are responsible for themselves.
    14. Illegal drugs and fireworks will not be tolerated on the premises.
    15. No firearms of any kind are allowed on the premises.
    16. Small campfires are only permitted in fire pit. Fires must be extinguished prior to leaving beach area.
    17. Golf carts MUST carry liability insurance with at least $50,000 coverage.
    18. If payment is not made within 10 days after the first day of the leased term, a $10 per day late penalty fee will be charged until the day the lease is paid in full.
    19. No refunds for early departures.
    20. Campers or any other property belonging to resident with past due accounts are subject to towing. Property will be held until resident pays in full all fees.
    21. Keep black water tanks closed except to discharge.
    22. You must receive written permission from Keowee Falls management to forgo landscaping and additions but not limited to; decks, awnings, and propane tanks. Any listed above that is not approved will be removed by owner immediately at owner’s cost.
    23. Each resident is responsible for the landscaping and upkeep of their campsite. This includes the outside appearance of the camper and site.
    24. Keowee Falls RV Park is not responsible for tenant’s belongings.

Boat Storage Rules

  1. All boats, PWC’s, and trailers that are loaded or empty, must be dropped/stored in designated area on top of the hill marked boat storage.
  2. The boat storage facility is for residents only. There will be no parking or storage of boats, PWC’s, and trailers at any campsite. Residents will be held responsible for all costs of removal of any unauthorized items.
  3. Residents are responsible for identifying their individual campsite number on the area where their boat, PWC, and trailer is stored. Boats in storage area without visual campsite number will be towed at owner’s expense. The campsite number must match the emergency address number.
  4. LIMITATION OF KFRV Park LIABILITY: Resident agrees that KFRV Park, its employees and/or owner are free from liability for any damage to or loss of any property being stored, or any injury received by residents at the storage site regardless of the cause. KFRV Park makes no warranties regarding the storage space.
  5. INSURANCE: The Customer is solely responsible for maintaining an insurance policy with full coverage for all property stored in the storage space against fire, theft, vandalism, malicious mischief or any damage by any and all causes. KFRV Park does NOT provide insurance coverage on any property stored by resident. Resident stores property solely and completely at his/her own risk. All residents without insurance for their stored property shall be considered by the parties hereto as “self-insured” and are solely responsible for any and all losses that may occur.

Boats/Dock Rules

  1. No vehicles will be parked in the dock or boat ramp area at anytime, unless, loading and unloading. A special area is designated for golf cart parking.
  2. Boat slips will be first come-first serve.
  3. Boat slips are not reserved nor will be reserved by owners.
  4. One boat slip is allowed per campsite. All additional watercraft must be anchored, tied, or beached on shore away from the docks and swimming areas. Boats take precedence over jet skis.
  5. ALL BOATS MUST BE SECURELY TIED TO DOCKS AT BOW AND STERN. As a courtesy, deep water docks are reserved for the deep draft boats.
  6. Only residents of Keowee Falls RV Park are allowed to have watercraft on the campground facilities. GUESTS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO HAVE THEIR WATERCRAFT ON THE CAMPGROUND.

Failure to comply and abide by the above rules may lead to eviction without refund. Please contact management at Keowee Falls RV Park for clarification if needed.