Monthly Prices:
Monthly sites are located at the top of our park (approximately 0.5 Miles from the lake and beach area).
$550   30 AMP
$650   50 AMP
*All monthly sites include full hook up sewer, water and electricity.

As of January 1st 2022 monthly rates are $600 for 30 AMP and $700 for 50 AMP.

**No arrivals after dark**

Yearly Prices:
$5,500+   Near or on fishing ponds
$5,500-$8,000   Lake views
*Yearly sites include full hook up sewer and water.
**Boat Amenities – Ramp, docks, and storage.
***Residents pay for their own power.

Camper Rentals:
We rent campers by the month. Please contact us to see about availability and pricing.