Along the Way with J&K….: Ten Years Ago It All Began…

By September 27, 2015RV Park News

We both had this dream to travel from the time we were very young and when we married we shared those thoughts with one another but as life sometimes goes, it got in our way and we put that dream on the back burner…again!


We had a successful tile installation company, we were blessed with a grandson and we had a 4 bedroom, 2 ½ car garage that was packed with “stuff” and we were living the “American Dream”.


But it was not our dream and then significant changes began to happen in our lives, we lost my baby brother, Jeff who hid his sadness behind a bottle as many people do but he died at forty taking all of his dreams with him.  A short year later my mother passed, then Jerry’s dad passed, then we lost our daughter and grandson a year into living this lifestyle.  We now consider ourselves orphans with no family, just each other and we are happy with it.


Our initial dream was to travel the NASCAR circuit but just a few weeks prior to us adventuring out the floor dropped out from under us and our dream took a very nasty turn.  We lost our RV, we lost set jobs along the way, we had nothing but a dream.  Jerry wanted to get our stationary lives back and me, well, being the dreamer I am, I talked him into staying in the mobile lifestyle and came up with a marvelous idea…so I thought.  We would find work that included housing, and/or tenting along the way.


We are full time travelers searching for new adventures and roads less traveled. We are learning to live our lives from a new spiritual awareness…a “No Worries”, “Hakuna Matata” philosophy. Join us on our journey and please feel free to leave your comments, suggestions or questions. We love hearing from our readers! Our email address is hittheroad57@hotmail(dot)com. Please replace (dot) with .