11 Arkansas Road Trips You Have to Take

By September 26, 2015RV Park News

Flag_map_of_Arkansas_(1923-1924)When planning a road trip, this state may not be the first to come to mind. It does, however, have many routes that provide ample opportunities for site seeing and reflection. From the meandering trails along the Ozark Mountains, to the scenic byways through the delta, an Arkansas road trip is guaranteed to provide a unique experience. Consider these following 11 options.


Arkansas Highway 23 runs about 24 miles from U.S. Highway 71 near Elm Park through the Ozark National Forest and Eureka Springs, Arkansas, and then north to the Missouri state line.


This scenic route remains close to Hot Springs and passes into the Ouachita National Forest where you can hike, bike, canoe, or ride horses. The entire road covers just over 193 miles.


At a mere 14 miles, this stretch of Highway 74 packs a lot of scenery into this drive. Off of Arkansas Route 35, around 6 miles south of Huntsville, this is the fourth of five segments of the road that starts in Devil’s Den State Park and ends at Cave Road.


The Natural State, the Land of Opportunity — Arkansas is known for its scenic vistas, winding trails, and its clear bodies of water. The 25th state to be admitted into the union, Arkansas borders Louisiana, Texas, Tennessee, Mississippi, Oklahoma, and Missouri. This ensures that the state’s landscape is incredibly diverse.